Box Office

We provide start to finish box office coordination services. We determine your box office expectations and work with you to establish the best possible price point to achieve your objectives.

We then set up your online and phone ticketing services. This includes utilizing Eventbrite (or similar platform) online box office software and the DUO phone system. You are given a personalized Eventbrite web address, as well as a phone extension at DUO for potential audience members to call in their ticket reservations.

A DUO staff member then takes on the task of tracking reservations and ticket purchases up to and including the night(s) of the production. At the end of the production a final report is submitted with a detailed breakdown of ticket type and box office results.

Production Support

Production support can mean a lot of different things to any particular production. We work hard to facilitate the success of your project in the way the best matches your particular needs. If what you are hoping for isn’t listed below please don’t hesitate to contact us anyway. We are diligent in our flexibility around our project contracts. In general, we offer 3 levels of production support.

  • 1. Full Service Project Management:
    If you need an administrator to start putting all of the pieces together, look no further. In this model we take on the task of organizing your project from top to bottom. A DUO project manager will work with you to:- develop and track the production budget,
    – write and execute contracts
    – produce a critical path
    – liaise with creative and technical staff
    – maintain the flow of information.In partnership with your project lead, DUO takes the weight of the administrative back end off your shoulders so that you can get back in the studio.
  • 2. Project Coordination
    We know that sometimes it is helpful to have someone to bounce ideas of off. In the project coordination model, a DUO staff member develops a critical path in concert with you. We work together to ensure that all relevant deadlines are met, while offering hands on support where necessary.
  • 3. On-Site Project Support
    Sometimes you just need a person to come on-the-day to make it run a bit smoother, we can help there too. DUO provides support that can include anything from front of house staff, executing a fundraisers schedule, to acting as a runner to deliver equipment. The expectations are determined in advance (as much as is possible) and adaptation is expected on the day.

Touring Coordination

We know that touring a project requires a heavy amount of planning and strong attention to detail. We assist with scheduling, contracting, bookings, budgeting and coordinating all of the logistics that ensure a smooth touring process for all of the artists and individuals involved. We develop a detailed critical path, and support you each step of the way so that you’re fully prepared to hit the road.

Contact for more information about all of our production support.