If you ( or someone you know) has a visual arts practice, PATCH is a great opportunity to beautify Toronto and get paid to do it!

The PATCH Project provides artists with opportunities to exhibit their work in public – raising their profile while transforming Toronto’s streets. It partners with landowners and developers to showcase the work of local artists around construction sites and get them the exposure they need to move their career in the arts forward.

PATCH can help YOU:

    • develop your portfolio
    • get paid for exhibiting your work
    • join a community of like-minded creative professionals
    • build a foundation for your career in Toronto’s cultural sector

Our city has millions of feet of construction hoarding (the walls that go up around construction sites) that can be the home for your next work of art (or the exhibition of your existing artwork)!


      • Illustrators
      • Painters and Muralists
      • Photographers
      • Graphic Designers

who live or work in the Greater Toronto Area

HOW TO APPLY:  Applicants are required to upload five (5) pieces of visual support material (these should be tightly cropped examples of past work), an artistic CV outlining their relevant experience, as well as a letter of reference. https://thepatchproject.com/artist-apply/