Choreographic Marathon is a unique ultra-intensive professional development and exchange for new creation in ALL forms of movement arts for  both established and emerging movement artists (accessible and multi-lingual).

Supportive and rigorous, people get a lot done in 3 days. It includes 1 overnight, not kilometres but 26.2 +++ hours of studio time, performance, feedback, individual attention, group exchange, good food, and creative discovery.

Work within your own creative process and stretch the boundaries in an environment of rigorous support. Bring work or an idea from your genre of performance- material to test, twist, develop, cut, reflect, refashion, reason, rescue, refine. Move work forward. Share feedback and take it immediately back into the studio. Test your aesthetic principles. Build creative stamina. Hit the wall and find out what is at the other side. End by working in a way unlike how you’ve created or performed before.

ABOUT: Senior Mentor Maxine Heppner has been leading creative development platforms for over 40 years in Canada & internationally.  When faculty at Montreal’s Concordia University (1993-2000) she developed this approach to enable movement artists to create within a continuous flow of idea, execution & reflection leading to a deepening of process & creation. Co-Mentors are renowned artists Susan Lee, Jessica Runge, Takako Segawa, Michael Caldwell and specialists to support fundamentals relevant to the individual artists and group.

PROPOSE NOW for this season’s May 19, 20, 21, 2018 in Toronto, Canada.  PROPOSE ASAP as only 3-5 groups are accepted and the company assesses proposals as they come in.

More info at:   FB: Across Oceans Arts