Caroline in the heart of the DUO staff.

It’s with a catch in our  voices and a little tear in our eyes that we say good-bye to our colleague and friend, Caroline Caire today.

Caroline started at DUO on a three-month contract helping produce Dusk Dances. It quickly became apparent that she had great skills as a producer and was invited to join the team on permanent staff, where she has been for the past 2 years.

In her role as the Producing and Administrative Manager at DUO, Caroline’s services have been an invaluable asset to many of DUO’s clients. She has worked especially closely with Sylvie Bouchard on both Dusk Dances and  BoucharDanse. The growth of Dusk Dances in recent years is, in no small part, due to Caroline’s talent and efforts.

Caroline hails from France, and she and her husband are hoping to spend more time in Europe in the near future. As well, Caroline is setting off on a new professional adventure, training as a teacher of French as a second language (FSL) in the new year.

Thanks for everything Caroline!  DUO wishes you every success and happiness with your future endeavours.