Belinda McGuire

As GIVING TUESDAY approaches, some of you will be thinking how best to attract donors and sponsors. Others among you will be thinking where and how to best spend the money you set aside to support worthy causes.

Below is a message from Rahmin Lada, principal instigator of SHOOT FOR THE MOON a new fundraising initiative he has undertaken. The foundation has a particular interest in dance companies and choreographers.

“Shoot-For-The-Moon is a carefully curated fundraising platform dedicated to making sure that every cent you give counts. We take no fees from the artists that we we work with, any contributions that you make go directly to the artists or organizations involved, we will match 10% of every monthly contribution you make to any of our clients (and in certain circumstances, we will match any monthly contribution dollar-for-dollar) As the founder of SFTM, I wanted to find a better way of giving. If I were to give to an organization or an individual, I didn’t want to see 7-10% of a contribution go elsewhere (mostly to fees to maintain a platform) As a donor, I didn’t want to look at my credit card bill and see a $100.00 contribution turn into $140.00 due to exchange rates and extra charges. For me, to maintain and build a strong relationship with an artist or organization, I wanted every contribution I would make to feel like a positive, honest one, because that is how you build & maintain strong relationships, & compel further the possibility of long-term giving. Shoot-For-The-Moon was born out of a strong desire to do better for those artists & organizations who are working hard for the benefit of others (with little support or financing) and in order for us to do better, it was necessary to rethink how we give.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do, please email me at At the present time we are putting the finishing touches on various fundraising platforms, but you can at least get a preview of what some of our clients are doing if you press play on each image. Whether you are a client, or a potential donor, I respond quickly to any inquiry (I like to think of us as a professional organization with a significant personal touch) Several of our projects are now online, but if you want a hint of what is to come, I encourage you to visit the other pages on our website, and if you’re wishing to become a client, just tell me a little more about yourself & I will reply as soon as possible.”