House Guests – TRAILER from CORPUS on Vimeo.

Next week, CORPUS opens what promises to be one of the most innovative dance performances on offer this season.

CORPUS describes their latest creation, HOUSE GUESTS like this:

Around the corner from Dundas and Ossington.
A typical Toronto house with rust-coloured bricks.
A red door. Number 8.
And from the ground floor to the attic, welcoming gazes through the window panes.
An invitation.
To an enchanting evening in the company of flamboyant characters.
All three floors vibrate to the dancers’ movements.
The creaking of the wooden staircases.
Subdued lighting.
A sound atmosphere with a Spanish touch.
A brazen spirit on a fridge.
Albanian customs.
A cleaning paranoid…

An intimate experience in the private home of CORPUS‘ Artistic Director from Nov 21st to Dec 17th.
Close to 200 tickets already sold. Sold-out Premiere.
Wait no more.

A DanceWorks CoWorks Series Event
Created by David Danzon with the Ensemble

Artistic Direction: David Danzon
Performers: Michael Caldwell, Jolyane Langlois, Takako Segawa, Robert Feetham, Indrit Kasapi
Artistic Advisor and Stage Manager: Ayelen Liberona
Artistic Producer: Isorine Marc
Composer: Pedro Guirao
Project Coordinator: Zoie Browne
Assistant Stage Manager: Ariane Burtin
Created by David Danzon with the Ensemble.

Premiere: November 21st 2017
Run: November 22nd to December 17th, 2017 (Tuesday-Sat – 8pm // Sat & Sun Matinee – 5pm)

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