Madeline Shen is offering an Axis Syllabus workshop through conversation, pictures, anatomical models, and (of course) MOVEMENT!  Classes  will be focusing on healthy joint parameters and the multi-joint dialogue that happens to accomplish whole body movements. She will zoom into individual joints and zoom out to multiple joints, and play with the modulation of joint parameters. If each joint is a dial, what are the different ways to dial the dials? How sensitive can movers get to these dialing dials?

She invites participants to play with concepts in a lab-like curiosity, learning movement phrases to illustrate and practice concepts, ask questions and  move their bodies.

All levels and experiences are welcome – Shen will always provide a slow investigative lane or zone for those who are newer to the work, or prefer a slower pace! Also, it is not necessary to come to the first class to be able to come to the second!!

About Madeline:
Madeleine Shen lives in the city jungle of Toronto and spends her time teaching math, dancing and thinking about the body. She is currently studying at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, and is an avid member of the Axis Syllabus International Research Community. She is a certified Axis Syllabus Teacher. With a background in contemporary and modern dance performance, and Biomedical Engineering, she has a dream of one day opening a multifaceted health care practice with movement education and artistic exploration.
What is the Axis Syllabus?
The Axis Syllabus, first consolidated by Frey Faust, is a collection of anatomical attributes and ways of moving that are basically safe and energy conservative. The Axis Syllabus seeks to provide accessible information on body alignment and movement practices using physics, anatomy and relevant scientific data from various fields, as a guide. In classes led by teachers of the Axis Syllabus, spiral and wave-like movements are often used to create kinetic energy and minimize excess tension. Exercises can prompt internal discoveries that people can transfer into their daily life or any activity with a movement focus. For more info see:
NOV 26 (Sunday) Contact Improv Pre-Jam class
I am very happy to be teaching the pre-jam class for the Sunday Jam!
Class description:
Collective Architecture
Every body is a miraculous dynamic architecture, constantly changing and adjusting to move through space, interacting with gravity and the surrounding environment. Contact Improvisation brings bodies together to form collective architectural creatures. By listening through the body of another, one can feel/sense/see the space beyond physical limits.
 NOV 26 (Sunday) and Dec 3 (Sunday) Axis Syllabus Offerings

This summer, after 7 amazing years of study and investigation and evolution, I received the honour of becoming a certified teacher of the Axis Syllabus. I am very excited to start sharing and teaching this important and impactful information! More info on what the Axis Syllabus is can be found below.