My dears, he’s all the  rage! DUO client Bill Coleman is presenting his acclaimed production of DOLLHOUSE at the grand-daddy of all Fringe Festivals, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, next week, and the international press has taken notice.

We already knew DOLLHOUSE was well-worth checking out, but it’s nice to know that others are similarly entranced by the talented Mr. Coleman’s latest offering.

When he appeared at the National Arts Centre on July 15, as part of the Canada Dance Festival, Artsfile did a feature profile on Coleman and his long-time collaborator, composer Gordon Moynahan.

In advance of his appearance in Edinburgh, both British Vogue and DoubleTree Hilton  included DOLLHOUSE on their best of fest lists. With over 3000 shows on offer at the festival, making it to two top 10 lists is a mark of considerable distinction.

DOLLHOUSE continues at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival until August 27th. For tickets or further information, click HERE.